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Evolving Workplace Flexibility

As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic with many people still working in a hybrid arrangement, direction for planning spaces can still be confusing. Some would still prefer to have some separation between themselves and others, some are eager to re-enter an open plan space and to feel that sense of community. Add to that the irregularity of schedules that comes with some working from home some of the time.

All of this makes planning space usage, whether it be an office space, hospitality space or a home more difficult. Designers can feel torn about serving one function over another, about how to provide flexibility to those who will use the space, and how to future-proof our evolving attitudes towards the workplace and other spaces we occupy.

Utilizing a room divider can help you circumvent the “this or that” debate. An operable partition can divide a room as necessary, and at a whim, reconfigure to a user’s needs. Spaces separable on demand can provide privacy when needed and openness at other times. Operable walls can help to change a space’s desired function in moments with little to no compromise.

Cohesive Design Solutions

Through a series of tailored touches, specifying something like a sliding wall or folding door system can make it a cohesive part of a design. Customization may seem like a limited component of specifying a room divider, but the range of options may surprise some. From more affordable finishes with premium looks to truly custom color matching and unique veneers, sliding door frames alone will astound with their differentiation. Add to that glazing options that vary in their opacity, translucency, color, privacy and more and you begin to see just the basics of how you can match an aesthetic or even make a statement piece with an operable partition. Conversely, you can opt for a pocket wall or sliding pocket door that disappears when not in use.

Project Flexibility

Beautiful flexibility can be a key component in how we invite people into the spaces we design and how we make them suit numerous use-cases. The question of whether to separate one room from another can become moot with room dividers that give you many options in how to use a space

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