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Walls & Doors
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While we are known for room dividers, we offer doors for most interior uses that can be tailored to most spaces.


Bathrooms are one of the hardest working rooms in home or hotel environments. With a typically small footprint, they can feel tight and difficult to move around in. Many lack access to natural daylight which impacts the user’s sense of wellbeing. Replacing existing bathroom doors with Raydoor sliding doors is an ingenious and space-saving solution to transform a bathroom into a light-filled sanctuary that is comfortable and feels generous — a place to linger and relax.

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With Raydoor Operable Walls and Sliding Doors, it’s easy and quick to upgrade closets in homes, hospitality and commercial spaces. An ideal alternative to traditional closet doors, sliding door and wall panels open wide and arrange flexibly with little clearance needed. Increase accessibility and efficiency of your closet interiors by switching your existing doors to one of our recommended sliding closet door options and benefit from immediate ease of use. Closet door installation can be as quick as in 30 minutes and does not require a floor track or extensive renovation.

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Conference Room

With hybrid work becoming the new norm, employees return to the office mainly to interact, collaborate, learn and mentor rather than doing heads-down work at their desk. Front and center to this fundamental redefinition of the office is a multi-tasking conference room serving a range of interactive functions in a single space. Now more than ever, conference rooms must quickly and efficiently adapt to changing tasks throughout the day.

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Guest Room

Raydoor’s success is built on a mindset to increase the flexibility and functionality of homes and hospitality spaces. We understand that space is always limited and believe that making rooms more usable improves the daily lives of their users. Homes constantly adjust to life’s changes: growing families, sharing spaces or accommodating visitors.

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Home Office

With more work being done from home and more time spent within the limits of an apartment supporting a healthy work life balance is an increasingly daunting task. Yet, setting up a fully separate home office is not within reach for everybody, especially if more than one person is working from home. In reality, home office spaces are often carved out of corners, niches, and even converted from windowless closet spaces. A sliding home office door can solve these spatial constraints.

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A lobby is a building’s calling card making a crucial first impression — whether in a hotel, commercial space or residential apartment building. But designing an imposing and welcoming entrance area is often in direct conflict with the same building’s operational needs: handling deliveries, adding administrative space, supporting maintenance functions and dividing building amenities.

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Pantries, mudrooms, utility, and laundry rooms are often treated as secondary spaces but are actually critical to the operation of a home in need of constant organization. Enter Raydoor sliding doors to conceal the inner workings until there is time to tidy up. Our custom pantry doors bring natural daylight to these often-windowless areas and make highly efficient use of even the smallest amount of space. The sturdy yet lightweight construction of our kitchen pantry doors facilitates smooth operation with a soft close.

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Interior Doors

The past years have taught us that interiors are dynamic spaces that constantly must adapt to shifting user needs. The lesson learnt are that there is never enough space to satisfy all existing and emerging requirements, so designing floor plans that are versatile and multi-functional are key to ensuring usability in the long run, future-proofing interiors for the next big shift.

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Room Dividers

Having creative and functional control of your living and work spaces can make all the difference in enhancing your home enjoyment or office productivity. Often existing home and office layouts do not match day-to-day occupants’ needs. Raydoor’s portfolio of solutions that create operable walls and room divider doors.

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