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Interior Doors / Sliding Interior Doors

While they can simply separate one space from the next, Raydoors can also allow you to use space differently and more effectively.

The past years have taught us that interiors are dynamic spaces that constantly must adapt to shifting user needs. The lesson learnt are that there is never enough space to satisfy all existing and emerging requirements, so designing floor plans that are versatile and multi-functional are key to ensuring usability in the long run, future-proofing interiors for the next big shift. Installing a Raydoor custom interior door can turn any interior into a highly efficient environment that yields additional bedrooms, home office spaces or conference rooms on demand. These interventions do not require lengthy and costly build outs yet still increase an interior’s functionality, provide better access or conceal unsightly areas. In the future, they can easily be reconfigured on an equally light footprint.

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Custom Interior doors - function and finish

Raydoor offers a broad range of interior door typologies that are fully customizable to fit the specific need of any application – ranging from sliding doors, interior barn doors and operable walls to folding and pivoting doors. The unlimited design possibilities of Raydoor space division systems create attractive features in a home, hospitality or commercial interior that aesthetically range from modern interior doors to doors that fit into more traditional spaces.

Our doors are delivered as a turnkey solution and attached to the ceiling structure or wall, without the use of floor tracks, thus saving on build out costs. They are solidly constructed yet lightweight and easy to operate.

Interior door as path for light

Transparent acrylic, frosted translucent, or patterned door inserts bring the desired amount of natural daylight into the divided space; wood and laminate insert options create fully enclosed environments that provide visual and acoustical privacy.  Resin glazing not only provides light equivalent to a sliding glass door or glass wall divider, it does so with half the weight and the resistance to shattering inherent to resins.

Choose from among many elegant standard frame, insert, patterning and hardware options to create the door that is right for you. Our expert Raydoor team will create a customized solution to suit your project, layout, and operational requirements including matching your finish palette. We consider every detail from door opening size, desired door type, and pulls and locks to meet the functional, aesthetic and luminosity requirements for each design specification, regardless of project size. Each component is hand-crafted at our manufacturing site in New York and make for an easy installtion.

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Benefits of using Raydoor Sliding Doors for home interiors:

  • No floor tracks required
  • Wall-mounted barn door options available
  • Option to bring natural light in
  • Ease of operation – lighter than sliding glass doors
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Variety of frame, insert, pattern and hardware options available
  • Budget friendly


The following Raydoor sliding doors are recommended for interior doors:

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