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Sliding Doors For Home Offices

Separate and create visual privacy for your home office while reducing distractions and still keep natural light? Raydoor has the solution.

With more work being done from home and more time spent within the limits of an apartment, supporting a healthy work life balance is an increasingly daunting task. Yet, setting up a fully separate home office is not within reach for everybody, especially if more than one person is working from home. In reality, home office spaces are often carved out of corners, niches, and even converted from windowless closet spaces. A sliding home office door can solve these spatial constraints.

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Natural light and the home office

Several recent studies have shown that access to daylight has a positive impact on alertness, productivity and overall well-being at work. Allowing daylight to flow into a home office has a positive and motivating effect on the office occupant. With transparent or frosted translucent door insert options, Raydoor offers fresh ideas for home office doors that allow daylight into the home office and help maintain focus throughout the day.

Home Office solutions to improve your home workspace

Install a Raydoor Sliding Door or Wall in your home and close your sliding home office door to focus, participate in conference calls within a private, professional environment. Setting up a Raydoor Operable Door does not require the installation of a floor track. A sturdy yet lightweight construction ensures ease of operation with a soft closure. Enhanced acoustic privacy improves the ability to concentrate for heads down tasks or during video conference calls. And at the end of the day, the office space can be shut off to relax and be with family and friends.

Raydoor sliding door systems have the ability to configure a home office in numerous layouts including:

  • Partitioning off a rectangular section of a room with a Raydoor space dividing system to create a private home office or,
  • Transforming a closet space to a small office with a sliding home office door or a sliding home office barn door.
  • Creating a French door setup with two pivoting doors.
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Customize to make your office an inspiring space

Choose between a large number of elegant standard mountings, frame, insert, patterning and hardware options to create the door that is right for you. Our expert Raydoor team will create a customized solution to suit your project, layout, and operational requirements including matching your finish palette. We consider every detail from door opening size, desired door type, and pulls and locks to meet the functional, aesthetic and luminosity requirements for each design specification, regardless of project size. Each component is hand-crafted at our manufacturing site in New York and delivered with all the necessary hardware for swift installation, eliminating the need for extensive on site construction.

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Benefits of using Raydoor Sliding Doors for home offices:

  • No floor track required
  • Create flexible, multi-functional spaces
  • Bring natural light into the workspace
  • Privacy during video conferencing
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Ease of operation
  • Variety of hardware options available
  • Budget friendly


The following Raydoor sliding doors are recommended for home offices:

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