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Pantry Doors With More Function and Style

Instead of just closing off a pantry, add light and beauty with premium finishes and translucency.

Pantries, mudrooms, utility, and laundry rooms are often treated as secondary spaces but are actually critical to the operation of a home in need of constant organization. Enter Raydoor sliding doors to conceal the inner workings until there is time to tidy up. Our custom pantry doors bring natural daylight to these often-windowless areas and make highly efficient use of even the smallest amount of space. The sturdy yet lightweight construction of our kitchen pantry doors facilitates smooth operation with a soft close.

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Save space and Customize

Hard-working pantries make excellent examples for using the advantages of Raydoor space-saving sliding doors. Aside from purely functional benefits, their many design options provide the freedom to turn sliding doors into unique pantry doors as a focal design feature that enhances the surroundings. Choose among our clear, semi-opaque translucent or decorative door inserts and modulate the amount of natural light that enters your pantry space and increase the visibility of its contents. Or select a wood or opaque acrylic insert for a fully enclosed wood or laminate pantry door.
A broad standard selection of wood and laminate door frame finishes, in combination with muntin choices, cover an aesthetic range from traditional to modern so you can build the door that will fit right into your home.

Similar uses that are equally well suited for Raydoor sliding doors include:

  • Hiding a mudroom while still allowing light into the entryway.
  • Using a pantry barn door instead of a ceiling mounted sliding door.
  • Enhancing the functionality of a laundry room with access to natural daylight.
  • Sectioning off an easily accessible utility room.

Numerous ways to separate your kitchen and pantry with a custom pantry door

With door panels that can be operated individually, sliding doors are particularly suited for pantries, mudrooms, laundry rooms and utility spaces as they are installed in less than 30 minutes without the use of a floor track. Single sliding doors move in front of the door opening on a ceiling track; barn doors are wall mounted for a more dramatic effect. The panels of sliding bypassing doors move independently so doors open in exactly the desired areas. Sliding pocket doors retract fully, providing extra wide door openings for easy access.

Choose from among many elegant standard frames, inserts, patterning and hardware options to create the door that is right for you. Our expert Raydoor team will create a customized solution to suit your project, layout, and operational requirements including matching your finish palette. We consider every detail from door opening size, desired door type, and pulls and locks to meet the functional, aesthetic and luminosity requirements for each design specification, regardless of project size. Each component is hand-crafted at our manufacturing site in New York and simple to install.

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Benefits of using Raydoor Sliding Doors for Pantries:

  • No floor tracks required
  • Brings natural light into the pantry area
  • Wall-mounted barn door options available
  • Ease of operation
  • Conceal unsightly areas
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Variety of hardware options available
  • Budget friendly


The following Raydoor sliding doors are recommended for pantries:

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