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Frame Options

Raydoor® panels consist primarily of a twin frame and an insert. Two identical frames sandwich the insert layer in a patented process that fuses the three layers together, essentially turning the insert into a structural element. The result of this method of construction is a strong, beautifully modern design with no front or back making it less a door and more a true room divider.


Enhancing our frame offering is a range of beautiful and durable high quality laminates. These are available for our rush order program for select systems and options. Cost-effective without sacrificing beauty.

*Available for rush order


Our genuine wood veneers open up the palette of customization options, from a variety of species of wood, stains and paints, to custom color matches when painting or staining a frame. To amplify and protect the beauty of those choices, our frames are hand-sanded, butt-joined and finished with two coats of clear satin lacquer. Selecting veneer frames also opens the possibility of more ornate lattice patterns and thicker stiles and/or rails.

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