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Sliding Doors

While sliding doors may seem to be a basic category, the possibilities are broad. From single barn doors and sliding pocket doors to large, linked panel operable walls, these systems can perform functions in a variety of settings. Room entry/exit is just the beginning of what sliding door systems can do – room dividers, privacy screens and movable partitions are just a taste of what you can achieve in your project using these systems.

Sliding Single Frame

Single Sliding

The barn-style sliding door is the most common type of door in use other than pivot (swinging) doors, and they are one of our bestsellers. Even this basic system has the Raydoor touch applied — high-quality sliding door hardware and concealed guides — all carrying our unmistakable premium-finish panels.

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Sliding Bypassing Frame

Sliding Bypass

Bypass door systems are a simple and reasonably priced method of dividing space or just closing off storage space. Their numerous configurations mean sliding bypass doors can achieve more than you may expect, while still maintaining ease of use and straightforward installation. Sliding bypass doors and panels are perfect for interior use, in the form of sliding closet doors, sliding glass pantry doors, and more.

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Sliding Wall Frame

Sliding Wall

One of our most innovative products, sliding walls are something Raydoor has been refining for twenty years with patented hardware and driven by the desire for an aesthetically and functionally superior solution. Operable with a single hand, this system telescopes to create a room divider that doesn’t rely on a floor track.

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Sliding Wing Wall Frame

Sliding Wing Wall

A sliding wall for maximum clearance, the sliding wing wall operates “in front” of an opening so that it can hide behind an adjacent wall when retracted, leaving as large an opening as possible. Borrowing our standard sliding wall’s patented hardware, it creates a highly functional solution for large openings.

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Sliding Pocket Frame

Sliding Pocket

When clearance limits the use of swinging or pivot doors and wall space doesn’t allow for sliding doors, a pocket door may be the best solution. Pocket sliding doors make the most of tight spaces by disappearing into the wall. We offer both one- and two-panel symmetrical options so you can create the privacy you need when design constraints (or aesthetics) demand an option.

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Sliding Pocket Wall Frame

Sliding Pocket Wall

Want a room divider that disappears when not in use? No system does that better than a Sliding Pocket Wall as it can neatly tuck into a pocket when you want to have your entire opening available for movement. Folding doors are nice, but a pocket wall offers greater ease of use, greater ability to cover large openings and greater space when not in use.

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Sliding Stacking Frame

Sliding Stacking

The room divider with more capability. Stack them parallel to the track, perpendicular, or even add a swinging egress door or two. The Raydoor (sliding) Stacking wall moves in ways you might not expect, to create multiple types of solutions that apply in offices, hotels, homes and more that you simply can’t with a regular folding door system.

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