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Room Dividers for Co-Working Spaces / Sliding Doors for Co-Working Spaces

Known for being creative and inspiring, co-working offices typically infuse fun amenities amidst ergonomic furniture and lounge areas.

Co-working offices operate under the premise of the sharing economy and community building. With largely open floor plans they serve individuals and start-ups. More recently larger companies look to co-working facilities to establish turnkey satellite locations across the country. To balance the open plan programming, sliding door room dividers for private offices, mid-sized conference rooms, small phone rooms or “Zoom rooms” have become an indispensable staple throughout.

Seamless space division

Raydoor room division systems consisting of sliding wall dividers and sliding door dividers easily create elegant solutions for private spaces and meeting rooms. All can be equipped with translucent or clear panels that allow ample light to reach interior spaces. For larger enclosures, the Raydoor door panels are designed to telescope across a wide opening without the use of a floor track, seamlessly opening conference rooms to become a part of the community space when not in use.

As corporate satellite offices move into co-working offices, their space needs vary and Raydoor’s solutions allow maximum flexibility to quickly change and equip offices with their designated private office and meeting areas.

Retrofitting existing co-working spaces with Raydoor sliding doors or walls is a great alternative to traditional retrofits.

Raydoor offers turnkey solutions that eliminate install hassles and save time and cost of construction. Barn Doors room dividers can be mounted to the wall for even more versatile uses. Raydoor construction is lightweight for simple installation into a ceiling or wall track and does not require floor tracks.

This conference room is furnished with stylish, red chairs, a TV station, and a large operating wall system.

Interior designers appreciate that Raydoor is highly customizable. Numerous wood and laminate frame finish options complement any interior or aesthetic. Raydoor sliding doors are designed to bring natural light into spaces. Options include fully transparent door inserts that ensure maximum light penetration, frosted or patterned door inserts which maintain user privacy while allowing light to travel inside. Even custom films can be applied to Raydoor inserts for added branding opportunities.

Raydoor’s catalog includes a wide range of door divider ideas and sliding wall dividers with doors including sliding, pivoting, and folding doors. For larger expanses, Raydoor sliding walls have many options for door stowage including wing wall, stacking wall and pocket wall options. These elegant solutions are engineered to look tidy and discreet when open or closed. Pocket doors, sliding doors and barn doors are frequently used as efficient sliding door solutions in offices. Pocket doors disappear from view when open and sliding and bar doors slide along the wall when open. Single sliding or barn doors have up to 95% and pocket doors up to 100% clearance for easy access, independent of the door opening size.

Our expert Raydoor team will create custom interior door solutions to suit your project, layout, and operational requirements including matching your finish palette. We consider every detail from room or door opening size, desired door or wall type, and hardware to meet the functional, aesthetic and luminosity requirements for each design specification, regardless of project size. Each component is hand-crafted at our manufacturing site in New York and delivered with all the necessary hardware for swift installation, eliminating the need for extensive on site construction.

Easily customized to fit any project.

  • Gives individuals ability to control level of privacy
  • Highly versatile use for phone or conference rooms
  • Customizable function and finishes
  • Frosted panels ensure private yet naturally lit space

Solutions / Door types

The following systems are recommended for co-working spaces:

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