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Pocket Wall | Sliding Pocket Wall

Want a room divider that disappears when not in use?  No system does that better than a Sliding Pocket Wall as it can neatly tuck into a pocket when you want to have your entire opening available for movement.  Folding doors are nice, but a pocket wall offers greater ease of use, greater ability to cover large openings and greater space when not in use.


  • Opening Width: 21″ or Greater
  • Max Panel Size: 5 × 10 
  • Usage: Medium to High Frequency
  • Overlap: 3″ Panel Overlap
  • Clearance: 100%


  • Maximum opening clearance when retracted
  • Innovative pocket hardware
  • No floor track
  • More flexibility than folding doors
  • Great as a room divider


Through a combination of patented, high quality hardware and concealed tracking, the sliding pocket wall can avoid needing to put a floor track across your opening.  When extended, Raydoor’s pocket concealment panel hides what otherwise might be an unsightly gap for the pocket itself, providing a more finished solution.

System Types

Find CAD/Revit files, system drawings, spec sheets, and other resources for our Sliding Pocket Wall solutions.

Product Options


Enhancing our frame offering is a range of durable and high-quality laminates. Cost-effective without sacrificing beauty, these frames are available for our rush order program for select systems and options.


Our genuine wood veneers open up the palette of customization options, from a variety of species of wood, stains, and paints, to custom color matches when painting or staining a frame. To amplify and protect the beauty of those choices, our frames are hand-sanded, butt-joined, and finished with two coats of clear satin lacquer. Selecting veneer frames also opens the possibility of more ornate lattice patterns and thicker stiles and/or rails.

*Available for rush order


Our stock acrylic insert layers.


Glazing layers for situations where complete visual privacy is wanted and no light transmittance is needed.


Premium glazing layers with decorative features.

*Available for rush order

Suggested Patterns

Below are just some examples of what can be done with custom patterns. Note that there are more limitations when using a laminate frame rather than veneer.

Unique Patterns

Patterns that Raydoor has created with unique effects as they overlay one another (when using clear or translucent glazing). Ideally suited to systems with multiple doors (panels) to achieve their greatest visual effect.

*Available for rush order

Door Pulls

We offer a variety of pulls in either brushed metal or satin black finishes. Among our range are pulls that suit sliding systems, folding or pivoting, pocketing and ADA requirements.

Door Locks

Our range of basic privacy locks that suit multiple systems and scenarios. Available in brushed metal finish with a few also available in satin black.


Other hardware items we offer to serve various purposes, including some of our own proprietary designs.

*Available for rush order

Tracks & Guide

Our sliding systems all use top mounted, anodized aluminum track. Floor track is optional, but not required.

*Available for rush order

Look for Inspiration

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