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Walls & Doors
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Versatile and customizable enough to work across various spaces, the transformation capabilities of a Raydoor system are not limited to a specific location, type, or function.


Office space division has never been more important and demanding as it is now in the post-pandemic workplace where employees are both remote and in-person for nearly every team activity. This shift to hybrid work has increased the demand for smaller conference rooms, video conference rooms and huddle areas.

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For decades Raydoor has fostered strong relationships as a long-standing partner for space division across the hospitality industry. Flexible functionality, inspirational inviting interiors, and spaces that facilitate memorable experiences are hallmarks of successful hospitality venues.

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Residential interior designers tackle many challenges when planning space for home construction and renovations — whether that’s building out a home office, extra bedroom or renovating a bathroom. Highly flexible and versatile, Raydoor residential interior doors and operable wall systems can increase functionality and enhance the decor in homes.

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Co-Working Space

Co-working offices operate under the premise of the sharing economy and community building. With largely open floor plans they serve individuals and start-ups. More recently larger companies look to co-working facilities to establish turnkey satellite locations across the country. Known for being creative and inspiring, co-working offices typically infuse fun amenities amidst ergonomic furniture and lounge areas.

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Raydoor’s product solutions have been highly successful in healthcare settings, whether in hospitals, outpatient facilities or private practices. Recent trends in healthcare design focus on creating environments with a warm, welcoming hospitality-like feel to improve physical and emotional wellness and human health.

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Hotel Suite

For decades Raydoor has served long-standing hospitality partners in creating space-efficient doors for hotels. Hotel design is frequently challenged by square footage constraints especially in the guest rooms. Raydoor sliding doors require less space for use when compared to conventional swing doors for bathrooms and closets in hotel rooms.

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Restaurants and dining areas in hotels must have flexible functionality to meet the many gathering and dining needs of guests. These include private dining rooms, party spaces, breakfast rooms, and bar areas. Raydoor provides a seamless ability to create a private dining space out of the larger dining room with a pocket or stacking sliding door.

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