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A series of sliding doors divides private offices from the rest of a physical therapy clinic. One of the sliding door sets is opened to reveal a well-lit, modern personal office.Blog

5 Medical Office Design Ideas and Trends for 2024

Just how much does design contribute to the overall efficacy of healthcare spaces? The answer is more than you might think. Healthcare is a rapidly evolving industry, and design considerations in this vertical are no exception. However, the core tenets of effective medical office architecture and design — patient and staff wellness, in particular — stand resolute.  The Future of Medical…
Luke Siegel
April 29, 2024
A modern office environment features group workstations, social gathering space, and a partitioned meeting area.Blog

9 Private Office Layout Ideas for Productivity and Functionality

The average person spends 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, meaning that our jobs — including what, where, and how we perform them — can have a huge impact on one’s overall well-being and quality of life. That’s why creating work environments that promote health, safety, satisfaction, and engagement is more than a moral or regulatory obligation for your clients;…
Luke Siegel
March 22, 2024
A stunning room dividing wall system divides an art gallery space while allowing ample natural light to filter through the frosted paneling.Blog

Frosted Walls: Advantages, Ideas, and Use Cases

Lighting, privacy, practicality, and aesthetic appeal are all important considerations that demand a designer’s attention when specifying interior projects. At the same time, practical limitations — such as budget, scope, and timeline — are unavoidable realities that may, at times, compete with the design vision. Finding solutions that work within these constraints without compromising design sensibilities is key.  As both a style-forward…
Luke Siegel
March 12, 2024
A stunning, cherry-wood sliding door system in the Sheraton Austin Hotel. The room divider is half-opened to reveal the common space past the doors. Acrylic panels allow ample light to flow between rooms while offering privacy, and the stacking system stows the divider neatly in the corner of the room.Blog

8 Stylish Alternatives to Sliding Glass Doors for Interior Projects

Author: Luke Siegel, Founder and CEO of Raydoor® For interior design projects large and small, glass is one of the most well-received materials for sliding doors, operable walls, and other partition systems — and for good reason. Glass is durable, sophisticated, and extremely versatile — accommodating a wide range of interior design and architectural styles, dimensional requirements, colors and textures, and…
Luke Siegel
February 8, 2024
ASID GATHER LA 2023EventsBlog

RAYDOOR @ ASID Gather LA 2023

Gathering with friends at ASID I joined the interior design community at the largest ASID event in the country this year at Gather 2023 LA. It was a fantastic conference where I was able to get involved with an organization that shares so many of our values. ASID gathered an amazing roster of speakers and interior designers from around the…
Luke Siegel
September 12, 2023
RD EdgePull Open 3Blog

New RAYDOOR Edge Pull

Feel the new way to open your RAYDOOR pocket system Stainless Steel // Matte Black (Open) Stainless Steel // Matte Black (Closed) We at RAYDOOR are always thinking about how to improve room function in an artful way.  We were founded on the principle that a simple solution is usually the most beautiful answer to a design problem. Focusing on…
Chris Arzoomanian
July 18, 2023
An office with wood floors and glass walls surrounding a conference room.Uncategorized

Acrylic vs Glass: Which is better for Doors & Walls?

Many may not know that acrylic is an option for glazing when specifying interior sliding doors or operable walls. Folding glass partitions or glass conference room walls are often considered the de facto or only option when dividing interior spaces with something other than a traditionally framed wall, but acrylic (and other resins) have some distinct advantages. What is acrylic…
Avalaunch Media
June 13, 2023
Ash and MilanoBlog

Introducing Ash and Milano

New laminate and veneer frames for your next project Ash Laminate Milano Veneer We're happy to announce some additions to our range of frame offerings!  In an effort to offer ever greater options to our customers, we’ve added a light-colored laminate we call “Ash” and a medium-toned veneer called "Milano".  These beautiful new finishes are durable enough for use in…
Chris Arzoomanian
May 12, 2023
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