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sliding walls and doors

Location: Matsuhisa Denver (Denver, CO)

Firm: Rowland + Broughton

Finishes: Frames – Teak | Core – 3 Form Fray Pearl

Design Challenge

Create a retractable private wall within a restaurant that feels natural, artistic, and unimposing when closed off, yet invisible when open.


Raydoor sliding pocket walls. By matching the finishes of the restaurant within the frame of the doors and using an aesthetically pleasing acrylic core the designers were able to achieve a door panel that felt natural within the design of the space. Raydoor’s design allows for the light from the restaurant to enter the space, meaning that no additional fixtures are needed to complete the room once closed off.

This uniformity of design allows the private room to become seamless part of the main restaurant once the sliding walls are retracted. Smartly placed pockets hide the panels once retracted and a lack of floor tracks allow the restaurant to feel completely open once the wall is hidden.


The final result maximizes the revenue potential of the space. Ownership is able to sell private functions when regular business is soft. And regular business increases when smaller more “charming” spaces are created at the top and bottom of the dining hour… Then easily retracted doors open the space to accommodate the peak when the restaurant is “busy”.

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