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Conference Room Doors & Dividers

Hard-Working, Multi-Tasking Conference Rooms for the Hybrid Office

Raydoor systems allow spaces like conference rooms to broaden the functions they serve.

With hybrid work becoming the new norm, employees return to the office mainly to interact, collaborate, learn and mentor rather than doing heads-down work at their desk. Front and center to this fundamental redefinition of the office is a multi-tasking conference room serving a range of interactive functions in a single space.

A modern office space featuring a conference room enclosed by large, black-framed glass sliding doors. The room is well-lit, with natural light streaming in from the left side and overhead track lighting illuminating the interior. The conference room contains a wooden table and stylish wooden chairs on a decorative rug.

Conference Room Divider Meant for Change

Now more than ever, conference rooms must quickly and efficiently adapt to changing tasks throughout the day. With their ability to quickly reconfigure spaces, Raydoor Sliding Doors are the perfect conference room door solution: they create conference and meeting room dividers with flexible layouts that adapt to shifting user needs. Easy to operate by the users, Raydoor door systems separate or combine spaces in seconds – creating areas of focus or interaction as needed.

A Conference Room Door Design That Can Bring Light

Recent studies have confirmed the benefits of natural daylight access in working environments, increasing employee alertness, enhancing productivity and improving their overall well-being. Raydoor’s transparent and translucent door inserts provide designers with conference room design options that bring daylight to conference spaces or increase the amount of daylight even when windows are present. Frosted door insert options provide visual privacy to spaces where sensitive information is handled yet still allow for light to penetrate.

Simple to install, Raydoor Sliding Doors do not require permanent floor tracks or other more incisive spatial interventions – an asset further down the road if a space is reconfigured and extensive and costly floor repairs are not needed. Raydoor operable door systems are constructed using a patented sturdy frame construction with lightweight acrylic inserts making them easy to operate.

Raydoor offers many space division systems ranging from flexible to more permanent, including single sliding and sliding bypassing doors, folding doors, sliding walls and sliding pocket walls. For more permanent door setups, it is recommended to add a swinging door that provides constant access to the conference space.

Choose between a large number of elegant standard mounting, frame, insert, patterning and hardware options to create the door that is right for you. Our expert Raydoor team will create a customized solution to suit your project, layout, and operational requirements including matching your finish palette. We consider every detail from door opening size, desired door type, and pulls and locks to meet the functional, aesthetic and luminosity requirements for each design specification, regardless of project size. Each component is hand-crafted at our manufacturing site in New York and delivered with all the necessary hardware for swift installation, eliminating the need for extensive on site construction.

Conference Room Benefits

Benefits of Using Raydoor Sliding Doors for Conference Rooms:

  • Separate or combine conference room areas as needed
  • Visual privacy
  • Variety of door solutions for any type of user scenario
  • No floor track required
  • Simple, quick installation
  • Variety of hardware options available
  • Brings natural light into conference area
  • Ease of operation
  • Budget friendly

Solutions for Conference Rooms

The following Raydoor sliding doors are recommended for conference rooms:

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