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Room Dividers for Healthcare / Sliding Doors for Healthcare

Raydoor’s product solutions have been highly successful in healthcare settings, whether in hospitals, outpatient facilities or private practices.

Recent trends in healthcare design focus on creating environments with a warm, welcoming hospitality-like feel to improve physical and emotional wellness and human health. Now designers strive to bring natural light into a healthcare facility to improve patient and team mood. Raydoor is uniquely qualified to support this trend with translucent yet visually private insert panels. Furniture and finishes are also selected to improve the patient experience and Raydoor’s numerous doors for healthcare integrate into any medical office, hospital, or healthcare facility.

Raydoor solutions meet healthcare privacy, accessibility, and cleaning protocols.

  • Healthcare facilities must ensure HIPAA mandated patient privacy requirements especially in the reception and check out areas. Raydoor provides critical privacy while also allowing light transmission with the use of translucent panels in patient exam rooms, check-in carrels and in reception desks.
  • ADA requirements are also met with door opening sizes and universally designed ADA door pulls and locks. Because a floor track is not needed for Raydoor’s system, it provides unobstructed wheelchair mobility.
  • Raydoor products support infection control protocols and comply with cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting requirements instead of once omnipresent privacy curtains.

A wide variety of healthcare applications.

Depending on the size of the medical office, Raydoor has space-saving healthcare door designs for many applications including examination rooms, changing rooms, and infusion rooms. Door types range from healthcare pocket doors to sliding doors, or barn doors. In areas of a medical office that needs separation from reception such as a lab, Raydoor single or double swinging doors serve as a door divider which also allows quick access.

Retrofitting existing healthcare doors with Raydoor sliding doors or sliding walls can be as quick and easy as surface mounting tracks on existing ceilings and door jambs which reduce the hassle, time and cost of construction. Raydoor Barn Doors are mounted to the wall for even more versatile uses. Raydoor construction is lightweight for simple installation into a ceiling or wall track and does not require floor tracks. Additional recessed ceiling mounting and pocket door solutions are options with drywall construction.

Our expert Raydoor team will create customized healthcare sliding door solutions to suit your healthcare or medical office project. We consider every detail from ADA door requirements, finishes, pulls and locks to meet the functional, aesthetic and luminosity desired for each healthcare door design. Each component is hand-crafted at our manufacturing site in New York and delivered with all the necessary hardware for swift installation, eliminating the need for extensive on-site construction.

Versatile and Customizable for Healthcare and Medical office needs

  • Allows natural light to shine into space
  • Space efficient sliding door for medical facilities
  • Suitable for healthcare cleaning protocols
  • Smooth and easy operation
  • Soft closure is available
  • Adds to the design aesthetic
  • ADA compliant solutions
  • Solutions / Door types

Options for Your Healthcare Setting

The following systems are recommended for healthcare spaces:

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