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Ryan Anderson
December 2, 2022

To Divide a Room or Not- Don’t Decide

Evolving Workplace Flexibility As we emerge from the worst of the pandemic with many people still working in a hybrid arrangement, direction for planning spaces can still be confusing. Some would still prefer to have some separation between themselves and others, some are eager to re-enter an open plan space and to feel that sense of community. Add to that…
Ryan Anderson
November 10, 2022

Sound Transmission and Room Dividing

Field testing Raydoor Sound Performance We recently undertook an effort to field-test sound transmission on a selection of our room dividing systems with an independent (3rd party) engineering firm.  Field testing is especially important for us (and our clients) as the built environment tends to highlight any shortcomings more critically versus what you might find in laboratory testing.  It also…
Ryan Anderson
May 19, 2022
Raydoor Case Studies

Case Study: Breakfast Nook Workstation

A breakfast nook workstation Design Challenge Find a beautiful, flexible way to make this contemporary urban kitchen feel larger and at the same time enable it to be closed off for private dining or a home office application. It was also important for the room divider to match the millwork and allow natural light through to achieve an illuminated jewel…
Ryan Anderson
November 29, 2021
Raydoor sliding door opened into a bedroomBlog

Design First Customization in Operable Walls & Sliding Doors

Variety Of Options In the realm of operable walls and doors, many providers have a very particular niche, often based on their manufacturing methodology and material usage.  Those constraints drastically limit the amount and type of options available to designers and architects, making them less flexible tools in achieving the functions the design sets out to perform as well as…
Ryan Anderson
December 2, 2020

Solutions For A Covid-Era Workplace

Keep Employees & Guests safer with Barriers and Partitions As businesses have begun their return to work (and some have found themselves under renewed restrictions), employers are beginning to come to terms with the reality of a longer-term need for precautions and additional safety measures.  While some of the make-shift ideas around creating a place of work that is safe…
Ryan Anderson
August 10, 2020

Reopen your store, with the help of Raydoor!

Barriers & Sliding Walls and Doors for a Safer Return Raydoor is in a unique position to help with phased re-opening - we’ve been in the business of dividing spaces for 20 years.  In our 2 decades of experience, we’ve taken a tack towards room division that is different than others.  Our approach has been one of putting aesthetics and…
Ryan Anderson
August 4, 2020

In The News

Barriers in the News Our new barrier product continues to get noticed by publications in a variety of markets.   We are happy to have a product that is helping to create a safe place for  guests and employees to safety return to work. Arizona Foothills Magazine Healthcare Construction + Operations Boutique Design Commercial Construction & Renovation Architect’s Newspaper About Our…
Ryan Anderson
July 31, 2020