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Feel the new way to open your RAYDOOR pocket system

Stainless Steel // Matte Black (Open)
Stainless Steel // Matte Black (Closed)

We at RAYDOOR are always thinking about how to improve room function in an artful way.  We were founded on the principle that a simple solution is usually the most beautiful answer to a design problem. Focusing on one of the many elements that goes into our room dividing systems, we sought to improve edge-mounted pulls used in situations like retrieving a sliding pocket door from within a pocket.  

Our edge pulls had gone through a couple of iterations already, but we still saw room for improvement and the possibility of creating a pull that visually complemented and took advantage of our unique TWINFRAMETM design. The frame derives its name from our patented method of bonding two frames around a thin acrylic glazing layer to yield a strong yet lightweight panel. Integrating a piece of hardware between the two halves of the frame has been something we have employed throughout the RAYDOOR system lineup.  This time with the edge pull, there was also the chance to improve the ease of use and care of the system. 

Our edge pull solution up until this point had been a nearly flush finger pull that was mortised into the edge of a RAYDOOR.  It sat slightly proud of the edge and to operate one would use the end of their finger in the pull to draw the door out of the pocket. The design was limited by the force of that single fingertip operation to start the door moving. Beyond that, it was also not very manicure friendly and being a small recess took a bit of extra elbow grease to clean well. 

In creating a new solution aesthetics were important, but it also could not project from the edge of the door when not in use, it needed to be simpler to operate and simpler to clean.  The pull would fit within the ¼” space between the frames and be simple to install. The new premise was to reduce the traditional lever pocket door pull down to its most basic form, removing the metal housing and utilizing the door frames to hold the stainless-steel pull. The pull is water jet cut and tumbled for a smooth, even finish that feels good when handling. The edge is brush polished and laser etched with the RAYDOOR name to both call out the pull and the panel.

Accessibility is top of mind for all RAYDOOR’s systems and the new edge pull enhances in this area too – it does not require grasping and needs minimal dexterity and force to operate, making pocket doors and room dividers more usable by more people. Pulls are intended to be handled, sometimes by multiple people, so the ease with which this new edge pull can be cleaned is an important improvement as well.

The RAYDOOR edge pull comes standard on our sliding pocket doors, sliding pocket walls and sliding wing walls but can be added to any sliding door or operable wall system that slides.  It is available in a brushed metal finish or satin black. This hardware piece is a great example of RAYDOOR’s pursuit of the ‘art of division’ and never leaving well enough alone.

If you’d like to learn more, our design consultants are always available and happy to be a partner in solving your space division needs. 


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