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About Us

Handmade in America

Our unique sliding barn doors are handcrafted in America, in our very own wood shop. That’s invaluable to us…and for you. Why? As artists and designers it gives us incredible control over the quality of our product. Beyond maintaining a high level of quality, we are proud to provide jobs within our community. We believe that local manufacturing helps to support the economy and we are dedicated to being designed and built in the U.S.A.

Under 30 Min Install

How long does it take to install a door? Everyone at Raydoor has hands-on installation experience. It takes 2 people, 15-30 minutes. The sliding barn door can be installed by a single person as well but we guarantee with your new Raydoor you won’t be single for long. All the sliding parts are pre-assembled and loaded into the track so all you have to do is mount and hang the door.

No Floor Track

Part of Raydoor’s success is attributed to its pioneering product features. One that we strongly pushed for – with your needs in mind of course – is not having a floor track. Art, is thinking outside the box, and no floor track means no constraints.

Soft-Close Track System

…and Soft-Open! Yes, in both directions you will find it nearly impossible to slam your barn door. A Soft-Open/Soft-Close feature is a must for any smooth sliding door. This also lowers the stresses on the sliding system making everything longer lasting.

Lightweight - 80lbs.

Our patented TWINFRAME™ door panel is completely unique in its structural simplicity and lightweight design. It’s constructed by permanently bonding, or “sandwiching”, two real wood veneer, or laminate frames, to a ¼” thick core, typically acrylic. This technique adds strength, all while using materials that allow the panel to be light, durable, and easy to operate.

Fits Existing Moldings

Designed to quickly add style to any interior space our sliding doors come in standard 3′ x 7′ dimensions to easily install over your existing opening. They’re easily adaptable for any molding, baseboard or trim.

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