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A Waterfront Home Takes Advantage of Expansive Views While Still Feeling Private

Photos Courtesy of Lori Hamilton Photography and Collins Dupont Design Group
White opaque doors in a living room partially opened showing living space.

How can you create a space that allows expansive views of the outdoors while still feeling cozy and intimate? Collins Dupont Design Group, an award-winning design firm in Florida, created this beautiful residence that manages to do both.

This residential project utilized two separate room dividing systems, both were bypassing systems with multiple panels, each system has a unique design to complement their specific room to great effect. The first is a 4-panel bypassing system that operates symmetrically, with doors opening in the center to give the bedroom a water view through the adjacent rooms’ panoramic glass exterior windows. The bypassing system utilizes the RAYDOOR “Aerial” muntin design creating kaleidoscopic patterns as the panels move. The frame finish is a “Dark Pewter” veneer which adds to the richness, elevating the setting. Translucent inserts allow natural light to wash over the bedroom even when they are closed for privacy.

The second space required a smaller bypassing system with 3 panels that separate the home-office and study. The system utilizes the laminate “Sierra White” frame allowing the custom painted ombre panel to be highlighted and evoking the colors and feeling of the horizon over the water.

A floor track is employed to allow the room divider to move entirely out of the opening, making the joined spaces seem as large as possible and flowing into one another.

The overall design is light and modern without being cold, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of the surrounding area. The RAYDOOR operable wall and door systems contribute to the function and feeling of making a moderately-sized space alternately feel large and open and then with a moment’s change feel cozy and private.

A large black grand piano set in front of opened white opaque Raydoor doors.
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