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Variety Of Options

In the realm of operable walls and doors, many providers have a very particular niche, often based on their manufacturing methodology and material usage.  Those constraints drastically limit the amount and type of options available to designers and architects, making them less flexible tools in achieving the functions the design sets out to perform as well as the aesthetic.  And then there are additional requirements such as compliance with ADA standards which add to the list of items that may require something special of a door system i.e. a larger bottom rail so that wheelchair users can push through.

Any architect or designer will tell you options are a must, both to meet requirements of the project and to facilitate the expression of their design.  Along with the aforementioned custom bottom rail, Raydoor systems allow you to play with the door stile if you are choosing from our veneer options.  Our standard 3” stile and rail suit most, but having the choice can help to integrate the doors with built-in cabinetry or other details in the space. In addition, we offer the option of lattice patterns (a muntin or series of muntins within the panel) to create divided lights within the door and just to create a unique pattern.

Color To Match Any Project

If our standard laminates don’t quite match the color you’re going for on your sliding wall or folding door system, you can select from one of our clear-coated, stained or painted finishes on veneer.  Taking the options one step further, we offer color-match for stains and paints and even veneer-species match.  All of these are constructed specifically for your project meaning there are no sizes of doors to conform to (other than maximum sizes) – we build our systems to fit your opening.

Project Flexibility 

Continuing the theme of customization, our inserts offer varying levels of privacy from completely transparent to opaque with numerous levels in between and translucent or not as the space requires.  We can also use more decorative inserts from the likes of Lumicor or 3-Form and can even accommodate custom artwork applied as film.  Go really wild and make a different statement on each panel to create a kaleidoscopic effect as doors slide past one another or as they stack.

While there are certain standards and requirements as with any product, it has been Raydoor’s goal to provide designers and users with a tailored product that enhances a space and a design, even becoming a design feature if that’s preferred. Just as easily, Raydoor systems can be customized to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, sliding silently while providing added functionality without standing out.  Let us help you achieve the goals of your project with the flexibility to make Raydoors your own in more ways than one.

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