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When it comes to Raydoor sliding doors and wall systems, the design possibilities are endless. We offer a wide range of frames, inserts, lattice, and hardware that can be combined to create what can only be described as functional art. 

Unsure of where to begin? Check out our Inspiration Gallery! Need a little more inspiration? Below are a few design ideas to get you started!

Go Classic!

Do you want the design in your home to last a lifetime? Do you refuse to redecorate? Do you consider yourself a traditionalist? Try creating a classic design for your sliding wall or door utilizing the suggestions below! 

Consider combining a solid frame with one of our standard acrylic inserts to create a timeless look. There are several laminate and veneer options, so one (if not many) are guaranteed to match the look of any interior space.  By adding a lattice you can create a more modern feel. Raydoor offers standard horizontal and vertical lattice patterns that can add a bit of customization to your overall design. Want something new? Raydoor offers custom lattice patterns as well.

Can’t decide on just one acrylic insert? Adding a lattice allows for a multi-insert pattern. This is a way to combine several acrylics with different levels of transparency and privacy in one panel. You can let in the light while obscuring the view into and out of your space.  Looking for complete and total privacy or a more traditional door look? You can swap out the acrylic insert for something solid. Our solid inserts can either match or compliment the frame of choice.

Go Bold!

Feeling a little more daring? Want to create something that feels uniquely and completely you? Let your personality shine through and put together a bold Raydoor!

Did you know Raydoor can custom stain or paint the frame on your panels? You can match a paint or stain you already have in your home. Have you ever wanted a certain color in your home but can’t find furniture in that color anywhere? Raydoor can match that, too!

Lumicor offers custom acrylic inserts that you we can easily insert into our panels. Use a bold print, pattern, or color to make a statement. The best collections to find these out of the box acrylics are Luminous, Textiles, Woven Color, and Prints.

We love to see bright colors and how they inspire you!

artistice door frames

Be Inspired by Nature!

Interested in bringing the outside inside? Lumicor offers an entire Naturals collection which features acrylic inserts inspired by nature. Everything from leaves to vines to bamboo are preserved for an outdoors look that never rots away.

Match one of these inserts with one of our wood frame options, such as White Maple, Timber, or Sapele. This combination will create a tranquil environment that will make any inside space feel larger.

Need a Little More Help?

Contact us!

Our team is filled with detail oriented people that are ready to help you get started! Request a quote or fill out a contact form to get started!  We have a showroom in New York City that is always available for visits. You can either make an appointment or walk right in!

We hope to hear from you soon!

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