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Fixed Room Divider Panels

Fixed room dividing panels are a semi-permanent way to divide a space while still being easy to install. Fixed Panels can be paired with other systems and door types to make the exact customized space for every use case and situation. Fixed panels come in a wide variety of styles and finishes allowing for maximum privacy or transparency as needed.


  • OPENING WIDTH: 4′ x 10′
  • MAX PANEL SIZE:  4’ × 10’
  • CLEARANCE: 95%


  • Combine them to makes walls and even rooms
  • Pair with one of our other systems to make a corner
  • Demountable
  • Simple to install
  • Available in a variety of finishes for any level of privacy


When you need a wall but don’t want to give up light and flexibility, a fixed panel can separate one space from another.  Use multiple fixed panels to create a corner or a whole room. Line up several panels in a row and this system can provide a screen of any length.

System Types

Product Options


Enhancing our frame offering is a range of beautiful and durable high quality laminates. These are available for our rush order program for select systems and options. Cost-effective without sacrificing beauty.


Our genuine wood veneers open up the palette of customization options, from a variety of species of wood, stains and paints, to custom color matches when painting or staining a frame. To amplify and protect the beauty of those choices, our frames are hand-sanded, butt-joined and finished with two coats of clear satin lacquer. Selecting veneer frames also opens the possibility of more ornate lattice patterns and thicker stiles and/or rails.

*Available for rush order


Our stock acrylic insert layers.


Insert layers for when complete visual privacy is wanted and no light transmittancy is needed.


Premium insert layers with decorative features.

*Available for rush order

Suggested Patterns

Below are just some examples of what can be done with custom patterns. Note that there are more limitations when using a laminate frame rather than veneer.

Unique Patterns

Patterns that Raydoor has created with unique effects as they overlay one another (when using clear or translucent inserts). Ideally suited to systems with multiple doors(panels) to achieve their greatest visual effect.

*Available for rush order

Look for Inspiration

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