Home Office

The home office has never been more important

Whether you are improving an existing home office or adding a new one, being able to separate that space from the rest of the house is crucial.  Privacy during conference calls and video chats or just keeping the family pet from chewing on your computer cables and shedding fur on your desk chair – all great reasons to add something like a sliding barn door, pocket wall or some other type of room divider.  You can do this without feeling like your being made to work in a closet by selecting a translucent material to allow light to stream in without letting your fellow Zoom participants see the clutter that might be just on the other side of your divider.

  • Makes space more flexible
  • Video conference privacyy
  • No floor track
  • Keep space bright
  • Multiple solutions offer ease of use


We recommend the following systems for home offices and similar applications. 
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Sliding Pocket Wall
Folding End
Sliding Wall
Single Sliding
Sliding Bypass


Residential Inspiration

Diversifying the way a room functions has always been a prime goal of Raydoor.  Our sliding wall systems are a perfect example of how to get more out of the space you have.