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Custom Designs

Raydoor offers a wide range of options to customize any of our solutions to fit your needs and style. Click below to learn more about our variety of design options.


Raydoor® panels consist primarily of two identical frames sandwiching an insert layer. This is a patented process that fuses the three layers together, essentially turning the insert into a structural element.

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Our insert layers are a ¼’’ thick “insert” made of either wood or acrylic. Our acrylics range across transparent, frosted, opaque or patterned options. Light filters throughout our acrylic inserts, producing our signature RAY EDGE, visible when looking at the door from the side.

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Raydoor® patterns are dimensional trim options permanently bonded to the front and back of the insert layer. We offer four standard options of pattern design, as well as, standard horizontal options. We can also work with clients to develop custom pattern designs.

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With a variety of hardware to choose from we can tailor each Raydoor® system to your specific build requirements.

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Tracks & Guides

Our sliding systems all use top mounted, anodized aluminum track. Floor track is optional, but not required. All necessary operational and guiding hardware is included with each system design. Low profile upgrades are available.

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Look for Inspiration

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