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Sliding Door Hardware – What to look for

Where to Start? So you’ve started planning a project and have seen barn doors everywhere from Pinterest to HGTV and you want to include one in your updated digs!  Google search “barn door hardware” or “sliding door hardware” and you are inundated with a million options.  Sifting through them can be a nightmare, so how do you know what suits…
Ryan Anderson
October 17, 2019
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Folding Doors vs Sliding Doors

Best Fit When deciding between folding doors and sliding doors there are several things to consider before you can select what best suits your space and usage. To address usage, it’s best to first look at what two spaces the doors will sit between.  A person’s most typical encounter with a folding door might be in accessing a closet, but…
Ryan Anderson
October 15, 2019
NACTA webBlogVlog

Overcoming Typical Pocket Door Issues Get Most Out of Your Pocket Door Pocket Doors and Pocket Walls are great solutions for limited space applications.  While there are a few known issues that come with the installing pocket doors - CEO of Raydoor, Luke Siegel, takes a few minutes to discuss some of these points and to highlight the different solutions that Raydoor recommends to…
Ryan Anderson
September 17, 2019
Office RetrofitBlog

When to use a sliding door?

Aesthetic considerations aside, there are some genuine functional advantages to sliding doors in certain situations that may add to your design considerations in using one.
Ryan Anderson
September 11, 2019
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