What Our Clients Say

“Raydoors really made our renovation. The doors are well made and gave us the flexible space we needed. Also, their customer service is really fantastic. They delivered each part of our order on time and were very responsive. Highly recommend!”

Heather W.

“As a contractor, the install was my favorite part. Very simple to install. As a consumer I would say the look, the look can add style to any bedroom or office.”

Kevin R.

“During the design process we had excellent help from the Design and Production/Delivery team.  Once the doors arrived at our contractor’s office, the real creative work began.  Hanging the panels, also known as sliding doors, or barn doors, was possible because we had reinforced the beam above.  There are many more details, but the end result startled us.  They looked as though they had always been there.  The entire space has a welcoming appearance, and we have been getting compliments from everyone who visits.  The quality of the sliding panels is amazing and they bring the whole studio a new look of finesse.”

Louise Q

“I liked you guys from the moment we walked into your showroom.  I’m not sure which part I liked best…the service or the product. Now three-plus years after install, I still marvel at the ease and flexibility of the Raydoor system. I am constantly moving our four panels to change the tone of the room, not to mention the practical closing off the ‘bedroom’ so efficiently at night.
In addition, delivery and coordination with our construction team was timely and seamless. Raydoors actually allowed us to ‘create’ a bedroom, the foot of an L in our studio studio apartment. Secondly, a Raydoor sliding door to conceal a (narrow) hall coat closet was the ideal solution. Raydoor was the answer.”

Paul M.

“My favorite part of Raydoor is the quality of the product and ease of installation.  The support received from Raydoor including the documentation with specifications and layout makes them stand out from other options. The customer service is outstanding.”

Maisha M.

“The staff at Raydoor was great to work with.  They were very responsive, answering all of our questions promptly and in detail.  They were patient with us, as the date for which we expected to need the product got pushed back several times, due to construction delays.  The Raydoor website really sold us on the product, as it showcases the product brilliantly, with photos, spec sheets, technical guides, and moving diagrams of the different product offerings.
We loved the stylish and modern look of the Raydoor products.  The look of our Raydoor is clean, crisp, and minimalist, and it fit perfectly with the interior design of our building.  You can tell that the product is well-constructed and of high quality.
In our new funeral home, we wanted to create a movable partition between the viewing chapel and the hospitality room, the latter of which will serve as a room for refreshments and funeral luncheons.  Our desire was to be able to open the partition during larger funeral services – so as to create more space in the viewing chapel – and to close the partition when we need to create a separate room for funeral luncheons.”

David P.

“The doors look amazing. We are so happy with how great they look! We wanted to reach out and let you know how happy we are with your product and also your support after the sale. To our surprise and satisfaction the doors were installed and everything looked great!”

Michael W.

“Very helpful people in terms of design. Very responsive and delivered exactly what was promised in the right time frame. Also – everything was manufactured locally! Was looking for a system that had no track in the floor’ that could be pushed all the way out of the way (not folded against the wall)  and that was made of high quality material.”

Harris V.

“Besides the amazing quality of Raydoor doors, the customer service team at Raydoor is the kind of responsive, professionalism we strive to experience with all vendors. They have always been more than willing to go beyond any expected efforts to provide a solution.We mostly use Raydoor’s pocket doors with opaque glass for our residential products.  The inserts provide natural light and privacy at the same time, and offer a great solution for smaller, urban spaces.  The hardware provided by Raydoor is top of the line. All of our clients are always amazed with the quality and performance of Raydoor products
Typically Raydoor offers a solution for achieving a door system that has an elevated look and performance beyond any product we’ve used. Outstanding quality.”

Omar Z.

“My favorite part of Raydoor is the acrylic material used in the framing. The use of this material enables the door to open and close with ease due to its light weight. Raydoor stands out from other products because of the frame securing mechanism to the floor/top ceiling and the materials used on the doors itself. (Selection and quality of materials to choose from was fantastic). The best part about working with Raydoor was theleasant personality of the salesperson (Ana) and the great customer service from initial ordering through delivery of product. Ana has ensured that we were going to be happy with the material we selected for the frame insert and we appreciated that. “

Miki M.