Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I buy directly from Raydoor? Do you have agents/reps/distributors?
You can purchase doors directly from us, and we also have outside representatives in certain regions who can provide service.

Sending your inquiry/quote requests in via our on-line “contact us” forms will get you to the appropriate representative more quickly, Raydoor will route them based on your location and project needs.

Q: What is your lead time?
Custom orders take 70 calendar days (from point of returned signed shop drawings) plus shipping time. Standard Quickship systems leave our factory in 20 business days from the point of full payment, plus shipping time. REF: Quickship program details on our website. Larger orders can take additional time to complete

Q: Where can you ship to?
We ship all across North America and can also accommodate international shipping needs.

Q: How long does shipping take?
Local NYC shipping takes 1-3 days. Within contiguous 48 states it generally takes 7-14 business days depending on your location. International deliveries vary based on customs and final destination.

Q:Does your company offer installation or do I hire an installer myself?
Raydoor does not install. However the installation of our product is fairly straightforward for a carpenter or general contractor and our production team is always available to answer any questions. Installation manuals are provided to supplement our system drawings to help contractors.

Q: How thick are panels?
Panels are either 2-1/4” or 1-3/4” thick depending on the model you choose. REF: The Products tab online & view ‘Panel Design’.

  • Model 225 is 2-1/4” thick
  • Model 175 is 1-3/4” Note: N/A for some systems; REF: system pgs.

Q: How much do the panels weigh?
Panel weights vary according to insert and lattice specifications. The following is an estimated range:

  • Model 225 weighs approximately 2.5-3.5 lbs/per sq. ft.
  • Model 175/175F weighs approximately 2.0-3.0 lbs/per sq. ft.

Our panels are always fully suspended without the use of a floor track except for pivots and fixed systems.

Q: Are there size limitations?
Yes, 48” is the maximum width per door for heights between 96” and 120” where no floor track is needed. A maximum width of
72” per door for heights 96” or less. It’s recommended that doors exceeding 48” wide are installed with longer floor guides with reduced opening clearance. If full opening clearance is required, use a floor track and door guide to help minimize flex. Our floor tracks are recessed flush into the finished floor.

Q: What are the panel frames made of?
Frames are made from medium density fiberboard (MDF) for added stability and finished in a selection of
high quality laminates or real wood veneers. Our MDF materials are made from recycled wood products and new growth woods. And additional LEED compliant options available. We have laminate frames with no added urea-formaldehyde. REF: Frame de-tails.

Q: What is the insert layer material (glazing layer)?
Acrylic/resin is used as our insert layer and is available in varying levels of opacity and decorative options. Resins are also available with 50% recycled content. Solid insert layers can also be used. REF: Insert details on our website.

Q: Can glass be used as an insert layer?
No. The key to our patented panel’s strength, light weigh and durability comes from its unique marriage of frame and insert materials that have similar flexibility and machining characteristics. Glass is too heavy and rigid for our design. In fact the Raydoor panel can be made with virtually any 1/4” material provided its machinable with wood tooling and has a smooth non-raised or embossed surface on either side. There are many variations of acrylic/resin to suit many design and technical criteria. “Scratch resistance,” “made from recycled material” and “flame rated” are the most common requests and all can be specified.

Q: What is the extent of sound insulation?
Sound transmission can vary depending on how a panel or system is installed. Our framed panels dampen sound, however they are not soundproof. Our 1/4” acrylic/resin inserts are comparable to glass of equivalent thickness. We fall approximately between 25 to 30 STC rating.

Q: How should the doors be cleaned?
A warm, damp cloth is recommended for basic cleaning of the acrylic/resin insert layer. Acrylic-specific cleaners or Naptha can be used to remove grease or other hard to clean residue. All other non-resin/acrylic surfaces can be cleaned with any general purpose, non-abrasive surface cleaner. Please refer to our cleaning instructions for products specific to resin/acrylic.

Q: Do you have a showroom?
Yes, our main showroom is located at 134 West 29th Street, Suite 909, NY, NY 10001. Showroom hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm by appointment only.

Q: Can RAYDOOR be used for exterior applications?
No, Raydoors are intended for interior use only.

Q: Where are the doors manufactured?
Brooklyn, NY USA. For some large contract orders or international projects, we have the capability to produce in Asia.

Q: Is there a warranty on Raydoor products?
Yes, all Raydoor systems leave from the factory with a minimum 1 year warranty detailed in our terms and conditions, a copy of which is available upon request. There’s also a link to them on our website under “Buy Doors”.

Q: Can panels be used in wet areas, such as shower doors, bathtub dividers, etc?
No, panels should not be subjected to constant direct moisture. They can be used in bathroom applications with proper venti-lation such as a bathroom door, etc.

Q: Do you send consultants to job sites?
Not ordinarily as our systems are simple for most professionals to install. In addition, we provide shop drawings for final review on all custom projects & installation manuals are sent with all system orders.

Q: Can I obtain a sample of your products?
Yes, if you are interested in any of our in stock frame or acrylic finishes we can provide you with samples. See “Buy Doors” tab on our website to order a Ray Box kit online.

Q: Are Raydoor products ADA compliant?
Most Raydoor products can be specified ADA compliant by selecting specific hardware that meets ADA criteria. REF: Hardware & Accessories details on our website and/or ask your sales rep.

Q: Are Raydoor products renter friendly?
It depends on the system and the type of installation. The simplest, most removable system is our S1-WM (Sliding, 1 panel wall mounted system). It can be installed without a trained professional and it can be removed as easy as it was installed. REF: S1 details.