Room Dividers

Sliding Room Dividers

Sometimes, the layout of a room doesn’t adequately meet your needs. Short of a total construction overhaul, you may feel like you don’t have any other option but to deal with the dysfunctional space. With Raydoor sliding room dividers, that’s all about to change.

You can create new, defined space within any room, which lets you close off or open up the area as needed. Our sliding room dividers are an ideal solution for both homes and offices and give you the flexibility you need to make a room work for you. When the divider door is open at the office, you can easily collaborate with coworkers or enjoy company comradery. If you need to take a business call or focus on a difficult task, simply slide the room divider closed and you have a quiet, personal area where you can get your work done.

Divide And Transform

Our sliding divider doors make popular room-dividing solutions. We have four alternative systems of sliding room dividers, which means you can find the perfect type for your individual space. Our patented Raydoor Guiding System hardware allows the doors to telescope across an opening without the use of a floor track.

Raydoor sliding room dividers have many advantages, including:

    • Simple installation
    • Multiple solutions
    • Ease of use – lightweight
    • No floor track
    • Keeps space bright


Room-Dividing Solutions

You have unique needs when it comes to dividing up the space in your room, which is why we offer a variety of sliding room dividers to meet your needs. We recommend the following systems for divider doors and similar applications. 

Click on the sliding room divider system icon below to learn more.

Single Sliding
Sliding Bypass
Sliding Wall
Sliding Pocket Wall
Sliding Wing Wall
Stacking Wall

Custom Divider Doors

At Raydoor, we want our sliding room dividers to be the perfect blend of beauty and functionality. To ensure that your divider doors enhance the look and feel of your space, we offer a variety of design options to help you create custom sliding room dividers.

You can pick your own:

    • Frame
    • Insert
    • Pattern
    • Hardware
    • Track and guides



Sliding Wall Gallery

Diversifying the way a room functions has always been a prime goal of Raydoor.  Our sliding wall systems are a perfect example of how to get more out of the space you have.