Hotel Suite

A door that’s more than a door

Hotel suites all typically have at least a door or two and most guests encounter them without giving them a second thought.  Why not try a barn door or pocket door that enhances the space while still providing privacy?  Raydoor systems are simple to install, require no maintenance and can visually add to a space instead of just serving a basic function.

  • No Floor track
  • Allows daylight to transmit
  • Simple installation
  • Highly Customizable
  • Ease of use


We recommend the following systems for Hotel Suites and similar applications. 
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Single Sliding
Sliding Bypass
Sliding Wall
Sliding Pocket Wall
Folding End

Case Study

Hyatt Paseo

Diversifying the way a room functions has always been a prime goal of Raydoor.  Our sliding wall systems are a perfect example of how to get more out of the space you have.