Hospitality Dining

A bright and open banquet area or private dining room

Just because there may be a need to section off part of your dining space, whether it be a hotel breakfast buffet or a separate party space, doesn’t mean it needs to be an unsightly room divider. A highly customizable Raydoor system can seamlessly blend it with the rest of the design.  An easily retractable set of folding doors or a stacking door system are just a couple of the options available to separate a space on the fly, provide daylight to interior spaces and become a feature design element of your space.

  • Separate from main space
  • Allow for private party rooms
  • No Floor track
  • Ease of use
  • Highly customizable


We recommend the following systems for dining areas and similar applications. 
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Sliding Pocket Wall
Folding End
Sliding Wall
Single Sliding
Sliding Bypass

Case Study

Matsuhisa Denver

A center city hotel with space limitations and limited light employs room divider for dining area