Co-Working Space

User-friendly separation and shared amenities

Small and medium sized companies have caught on to the benefits of leasing a co-working space, not the least of them being access to shared spaces like conference rooms and the option to have a separable office space.  Without resorting to warren of chopped up spaces, you can maintain the feeling of an open plan while still being able to close desks behind translucent or even transparent doors.  Bypass doors, fixed (demountable) panels and other systems can be combine to serve all the types of functions you’d typically find in a co-working space.

  • Separate shared spaces i.e. conference areas or phone rooms
  • No floor track
  • Keep space bright
  • Straight-forward installation
  • Allow for individual office areas


We recommend the following systems for co-working spaces and similar applications. 
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Sliding Pocket Wall
Folding End
Sliding Wall
Single Sliding
Sliding Bypass


Eaton Workshop

A center city hotel with space limitations and limited light employs room divider for dining area