David P.

“The staff at Raydoor was great to work with.  They were very responsive, answering all of our questions promptly and in detail.  They were patient with us, as the date for which we expected to need the product got pushed back several times, due to construction delays.  The Raydoor website really sold us on the product, as it showcases the product brilliantly, with photos, spec sheets, technical guides, and moving diagrams of the different product offerings.
We loved the stylish and modern look of the Raydoor products.  The look of our Raydoor is clean, crisp, and minimalist, and it fit perfectly with the interior design of our building.  You can tell that the product is well-constructed and of high quality.
In our new funeral home, we wanted to create a movable partition between the viewing chapel and the hospitality room, the latter of which will serve as a room for refreshments and funeral luncheons.  Our desire was to be able to open the partition during larger funeral services – so as to create more space in the viewing chapel – and to close the partition when we need to create a separate room for funeral luncheons.”