298 Main Apartments

Entire Multi-unit development, multiple systems per floor plan. Systems include, Pivot (PV2S), 5 Panel Sliding Pocket Wall (SPW5) and Single Sliding (S1) All systems feature Sierra White laminate frames with Cloud acrylic inserts. Systems also contained a variety of optional hardware including Bar Pull, Finger Pull, KA Lock, BKS Straight Bolt, ADA Lock and Jam…

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New York Remodel

Multi System studio renovation featuring 3 Panel – Sliding Wall (SW3), 2 Panel Folding End (FE2) and Pivot (PV1). All systems feature Flat Cut Cherry veneer frames with Clear Frosted acrylic inserts. This project also featured a custom designed diagonal pattern and an optional Thumb Turn Lock.

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Hilton Denver City Center

6 Panel – Symmetrical Sliding Wall (SW6). Walnut veneer with custom stain, custom 3Form acrylic insert.

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